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Membership of the Company of Educators

One of the original benefits of belonging to a Livery Company was the support of peers and provision of charity to those in need. This meant professional camaraderie and financial assistance for widows and orphans or those who could no longer work. Traditionally Freedom of a Livery is by Patrimony, Servitude, or Redemption. Click here for more information.This tradition continues to this day with minor variations to reflect the age of the company. Check out our Trust Fund pages for our charity work and the links elsewhere to find out more about what we do.

If you like what you see, please apply for Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Educators using the forms links to forms below and send it either electronically or by hard copy to the Clerk, whose details can be found under Contact.

Benefits of membership

Membership of the Company is open to educators at all levels and those with a genuine interest in education. There are three categories of membership listed below:

Freeman - 1st stage after informal interview
Liveryman - on application after 1 year
Honorary Freeman


Freemen can attend all the statutory meetings, including formal dinners, disussion evenings and seminars as well as social events that are organised throughout the year. At these events you will have the chance to meet other members and their guests from a diverse range of backgrounds. These events are also held in interesting places such as ancient and modern Livery Halls, the Guildhall and occasionally Mansion House. Please click on the link on the left to download an application form.


If you find the Company to your liking, and you have gained Freedom of the City of London (see below), you can contribute more to the company by applying to be a Liveryman. This entitles you to be nominated for the Court and perhaps become a Warden and Master in time. You will also be entitled to attend Common Hall and vote for the Lord Mayor and his or her Sheriffs. Please click on the link on the left to download an application form.

Honorary Members

Distinguished people in the world of education are occasionally invited to become Honorary Liverymen of the Worshipful Company. Some long standing friends of the Company have also been afforded this privilege.

Other benefits of membership

Ward Clubs

Members of the Company may wish to join one of the Ward Clubs in the City of London. Please contact the Clerk for further information.

City Livery Club

Members of the Company are also entitled to join the City Livery Club which provides the livery with its own London Club with reciprocal arrangements with a number of other clubs – and the City Livery Yacht Club where an application form may be downloaded from the website.

The Guild of Freemen

The Guild of Freemen of the City of London is a large association of individuals with a special interest in the City. Membership is open to all Freemen of the City of London, regardless of nationality, gender or religion, and our membership is drawn from all over the world, bound by a common interest in the City of London and the welfare and education of its citizens.




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